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Have you chosen professionals from ČKD Blansko? We have a suitable environmental friendly solution for you. We focus on the supply of turnkey hydro power plants with a unit output from 200 kW to 350 MW. We do overhauls and modernisation of existing hydro power plants.
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  • New large hydro power plants

    New large hydro
    power plants

    Together with proven partners, we provide energetic solutions of the 3rd millennium on the water-to-wire principle. Minimum emissions and 100% utilisation of renewable energy sources. With an installed output of more than 21,000 MW, we rank among the largest world manufacturers of hydro power plants.


  • Small hydro power plants

    Small hydro
    power plants

    The importance of hydro power plants is increasing worldwide. We provide energetic solution for smaller watercourses, small heads and flow rates. We make turnkey deliveries even in difficult to access areas using our state-of-the-art technologies without impact on the ecosystems of the watercourses.


  • Modernisation and major overhauls

    Major overhauls
    and modernisations

    Higher efficiency and output, ecological operation, prevention of failures, elongation of the service life and operating costs savings. These are our targets during major overhauls and modernisation worldwide.


Only an environmentally and customer-oriented company provides solutions also for the most demanding clients.
Combination of unique engineering and ecological use of natural resources meets the energetic requirements of the 3rd millennium.